Just to clarify, there's a HUGE difference between customer pre-orders and dealer orders. This is dealers expecting the market to take well to them (they could be right). This isn't very strange though. The 30,000 figure is likely nationwide dealer orders for multiple months, possibly an entire quarter. » 9/17/14 2:26pm 9/17/14 2:26pm

I'd say its a fight between the Genesis Coupe and depending heavily on whether or not it's as good as it could be, the EcoBoost Mustang. They're the best all around cars in the group. Sure I'd probably take a BRZ over both of them simply due to my massive throbber for the Crawford turbo BRZ's, but that's irrelevant. » 9/08/14 2:56pm 9/08/14 2:56pm

And the Ram V6 gets 18/20/25... This is fucking idiotic. If you aren't going to make it small, why fucking make it? You already have a full size truck. All you did is create a less capable truck that gets minutely better fuel economy. What about that is so difficult for these companies to understand? These thingsā€¦ » 9/03/14 8:10pm 9/03/14 8:10pm