Already been mentioned that the 6 actually status cheaper than the Malibu, but even if the 200 and Camry were all it had to worry about both of those cars are much better cars. Hell the new 200 is the car is walk home with if I was on the market for a car in that segment. » 7/30/14 10:01am Today 10:01am

I love builds like this. Guy had the talents necessary through working hard and turned around and built this thing to do exactly what he wanted in teh way that he wanted with no thought at all as to what anyone else might have to say. Thing looks mean and I'm sure it drives even better. » 7/29/14 9:06pm Yesterday 9:06pm

I touched on this early this morning over in Oppo, the best reasoning I could gather though was potentially a push to beat the next gen Ram's to market (slated for sometime in 2018, I'd assume GM may have info telling them specifically late 2018 if this was the case). Aside from that I really see no overall benefit to… » 7/29/14 4:14pm Yesterday 4:14pm

Been running about the last month or so trying to get in shape. Basically work every muscle group I can a mild amount and put emphasis on one or another each day. Followed by eat a shit load. It's been working quite well, cut fat by around 3-4% and gained about 12 lbs. » 7/29/14 10:23am Yesterday 10:23am

Sadly I'm beginning to think more and more that the less desirable of these options is the reality. People seemingly always look to the easy way out, and thus having to decide between mastering your vehicle within (relatively) moments of driving add opposed to gradually building your skill set, becomes almost a no… » 7/27/14 3:14pm Sunday 3:14pm

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